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Part 1: Noxivision — An AI-Assisted Pharmaceutical Product Launch & Marketing Campaign.

Date published: 11/01/2024

Since the buzz of AI started, Iguazu has been getting very excited about the future potential of AI. Over the last few months, our team have been eagerly testing the latest tools.

But how can AI help our industry? We put ourselves in our clients' shoes and asked ourselves if AI can play a pivotal role in the launch and success of a new product.

When embarking on this experiment, our goal was to use AI to create a marketing strategy; brand identity; and a campaign for a fictional product. This case study delves into how AI played a vital role in shaping every aspect of the marketing journey.

In the next series of articles, we will explore the intersection of AI and pharmaceutical marketing to reveal the strategies and insights to propel future product launches.

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Part 1: A Journey into Product Marketing with AI - Generating a Brand Identity

Can AI create brand names, taglines, and detailed content to develop a new, captivating pharmaceutical brand?

To start, we needed a product name.

We asked ChatGPT to come up with names for a new ophthalmics product that allows you to have night vision. If we are making something up we might as well create something we would like to have, right? Our first few attempts sounded more like superhero names than pharma products: NightSight, DarkVision & NocturnalEyes… But, like most AI, the skill lies in being able to craft the perfect prompt to get a better output. After a few attempts, we soon got some more appropriate names; Noxilux, NightOptica, and OcularNoctis. We settled on "Noxivision" - a name both catchy and credible.

Next on our list was a slogan.

Like any good brainstorming meeting, there were some good ideas, some bad ideas and some hilarious ideas from ChatGPT. But we were pleasantly surprised with the options: "Light up your world with Noxivision!", "The power to see in the dark is now yours with Noxivision!" and "Illuminate your path with Noxivision." Which would you choose?

For the finishing touch, we put this into a logo. We used an AI logo generator to combine our text and find a relevant icon. From a design perspective, the results are basic and we would have chosen to tweak this if it was for a real product. The software itself was quite difficult to get something appropriate that did not look like WordArt - so the amount of time spent getting the prompt correct we could have just designed the logo. What do you think of the logo?

Eye icon - Noxivision - Illuminate your path with Noxivision

There is no replacement for actual human touch and an empathetic understanding of the audience and the industry. However, AI could be a great way to create outlines and get a product started. A blank page is such a difficult starting point and letting AI kickstart the brainstorm helped us put our energy into where it was needed - and more importantly, allowed us to focus on the bits we enjoy. Imagine the potential of using this with a new product!

Lessons learned: Prompt engineering is an art in itself, and you get out what you put in. It took some trial and error but we think we are pretty good prompt engineers now. A good tip is to ask for several options - this allows you to play the editor and pick and choose from AI ideas and merge and edit until they align with your creative vision.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Noxivision — The Power of AI-Assisted Content for Pharmaceutical Marketing

About the Noxivision project

At Iguazu, we've explored AI assistance in pharmaceutical marketing and created a series of articles on the topic using our fictional product “Noxivision”. Check out our previous articles to learn more:

We have more articles planned in the series, which will explore the intersection of AI and pharmaceutical marketing in more detail. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn or sign up for our newsletter for future articles.

At Iguazu, we have been exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to assist in marketing pharmaceutical products. We have created a series of articles that explore this topic - in the first part of our series, we looked at how AI can be used to create a brand identity for a new product. We used ChatGPT to generate names, taglines, and content for a new ophthalmics product that allows you to have night vision. After some experimentation, we settled on the name "Noxivision" and the tagline "Illuminate your path with Noxivision." Find out how this project started by reading our previous article Noxivision: An AI-Assisted Pharmaceutical Product Launch & Marketing Campaign

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