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How to develop, implement and update marketing plans into a structured process.

Iguazu AAA Plan - Action, Analyse, Adapt

Introducing the AAA Plan.

At Iguazu, we believe that every marketing strategy should have a solid framework in place to ensure that it can be executed efficiently and effectively. That’s why we developed the Iguazu ‘AAA’ plan - a marketing framework that brings together three key tactical stages in a repeating cycle: Analyse, Adapt, and Action.

The AAA Plan focuses on developing, implementing, and updating an omnichannel marketing plan while integrating an Agile mindset into a structured marketing process. This approach allows for a robust and consistent customer experience across multiple channels and a clear message.

Iguazu Omnichannel Marketing - Multiple channels | Integration | Interactions | A clear message

Why Omnichannel Marketing?

In today’s digital age, customers expect a seamless and integrated experience across all channels. Omnichannel marketing involves engaging with customers across a variety of channels, including face-to-face interactions, targeted emails, web-content, and more, providing customers with robust and consistent interactions. The AAA Plan uses all these channels in an integrated way, providing a ‘one version of the truth’ approach that improves message recall and greatly increases the efficiency of marketing.

What Does the AAA Plan Involve?

The AAA Plan is a toolkit and support framework that takes the pharmaceutical marketing process, splits it into three core sections, and provides guidance and support tools for each stage. The cyclical nature of the process is supported with plan-wide assets such as expert advice, automated reminders, and a tactical calendar.

Each section of the AAA Plan contains an activity overview, a set of key business questions or approaches to consider, and tactical assets to help plan and standardise.

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The Analyse stage of the AAA Plan looks at analyzing your tactical plan, investigating and understanding data sources, evaluating market research, investigating sales data, integrating marketing analytics, data reporting process flow, looking at campaign KPIs, aligning KPIs with business metrics, activity dashboard, channel affinity, behavioural segmentation, and reach.

Iguazu AAA - Analyse Icon


The Adapt stage of the AAA Plan looks at planning your projects, reviews, and marketing cycles, a process to take you from brand strategy to marketing tactics, persona mapping and user journey development, content strategy and channel alignment, campaign plans for multiple channels, asset management and repurposing, cyclical working, and Agile thinking, and tactical calendar.

Iguazu AAA - Analyse Icon


The Action stage of the AAA Plan looks at design and development checklists, implementation plans for multiple channels, marketing automation opportunities, how to review and analyze campaigns, lead and lag indicators, and how to adapt and improve.

Next Steps:

Engaging with the AAA Plan process would initially involve a ‘high level’ workshop to determine what is needed, followed by data requirements, reporting, and process discussions. The next step would be to develop specific campaign plans, including user journeys, UX considerations, and best-practice templates. Finally, the AAA campaign plan would be completed and presented to senior management to gain buy-in.

At Iguazu, we understand the importance of having a solid marketing framework in place to ensure that every marketing strategy is executed efficiently and effectively. Contact us for more information on how the AAA Plan can benefit your business.

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