About us.

Since the company was formed in 2001, we have sought to provide class-leading tactical marketing solutions to our clients. Having worked with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, we understand the industry, and what it takes to successfully deliver tactical solutions across channels.

What we do best.

We feel it’s important to get to know our clients, and we go into every relationship with the same commitment. Our goal is to create long-standing partnerships, fuelled by trust and recognition that you’re the experts in what you do, and we’re the experts in what we do.

We stick with what we know we do best – tactical marketing. By understanding technology and how to get the best out of ever-evolving channel capabilities, we are able to deliver the materials that help our clients sell their products.

You won’t find us charging you for every phone call, or raising quotes for the small (and inevitable) scope changes that occur in the real world. Instead, we commit to delivering work which meets your objectives, and doing all we can to find a way to solve problems which others haven’t been able to.

We have a philosophy of ensuring that you know the people you work with, and as such, our senior leadership team are as engaged and involved in the day-to-day as the rest of the team. We don’t have a ‘pitch team’ who you’ll see once, and who’ll then disappear after the tender is won.

We all roll up our sleeves to get the job done!

Over our two decades of experience.

We have delivered marketing materials to hundreds of different brands in the industry, have created more than 600 CLM presentations & eDetails, been at the forefront of launching new channels with our clients (Veeva Engage, approved email, compliance tracking modules), as well as creating bespoke and engaging ‘one-offs’ along the way, too.


Dedicated to Closed Loop Marketing


Worked on, from antibodies to vaccines.


Successfully delivered to date.


Pharma & life science experience.


On social media and counting!


Spoken by our employees.


Use translated projects, delivered by our team.


As a Veeva full service content partner.
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Senior leadership:


Jason Cox
Co-Founder & Director

Howard Cairns
Co-Founder & Director

Richard Barnes
Operations Director


Dylan Harman
Technical Lead

Diana Real-Lage
Design Manager


We are proud of our company, the people who work here, and the clients we serve.

No project is too big, and no issue is beyond us. We are passionate about healthcare, what it can bring to modern medicine and science, and most importantly, what it can do for patients.

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