Approved Emails.

Targeted emails have taken off in the last 2-3 years.

In a channel which was often looked at with caution and trepidation due to compliance and GDPR restrictions, pharma marketing now recognises this as a crucial link in extending your customer journeys past a face-to-face call.

Approved emails provide that follow-up from the interaction between sales rep and customer, reminding them that there’s more content ‘just one click away’.

67% increase in click-through rate

The targeted nature of call-to-action buttons within emails is showing some excellent improvement figures in recent times. In an all too familiar world of low-teen-percentage open rates, and even lower click-through rates, these figures have increased significantly (possibly fuelled by COVID-19, or just possibly through customers now trusting this type of channel engagement more than they used to).

With this in mind, the value of utilising approved emails is clear, and we have been doing so since its inception.

We understand how user experience principles should be applied to email strategy to help your customers read and then interact with these assets.

We are strong believers that when part of an omnichannel campaign, Approved Emails are vital in keeping your customer engagement journey strong.

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We understand technology and omnichannel strategy.

As such, our agency can support, consult, and guide you on how to best utilise technology to meet your own objectives for driving a brand forward.

We are class-leading in some of the biggest technology standards and platforms used in the industry, and this gives us the edge in being able to support your strategies successfully.

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